RedEye Remote Control for iPhone, iPad & Android – $199.99

redeye remote control for iphone and ipad

Product Description:

iPhone & iDevice Universal Remotes

We have included the newest way to control your components with RedEye’s latest app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. The RedEye package includes a processing module for receiving your iPhone’s commands via Wi-Fi or network wire and an App which is downloaded free from RedEye. We think this is a trend we will be seeing a lot as we all seem to have our phone devices close by and ready to use.

If you want the remote with you at all times, this is for you. If you want the remote on the coffee table for all to grab when needed, the dedicated remote is for you.

The RedEye Universal Remote Control by ThinkFlood allows you to operate any media components conveniently from your iPhone, iPad or Android device and represents one of the first inexpensive options to break away from the traditional universal remote control.

The RedEye Universal Remote Control iPhone docking station module can be positioned 2-ways: placed on a side table where you are seated to send an Inferred remote signal to the components across the room or placed with your media components “hidden” behind closed doors. Either way you need Wi-Fi in your home and, for placement behind closed doors, optional wired emitters to the component being controlled.

The newest RedEye Universal Remote Control model has been upgraded considerably and we find very robust and easy to use once RedEye is set up. RedEye is an absolute must-have when the iPhone is your way to communicate.