Watching movies and TV shows by Online Movie Streaming from the Internet has exploded in popularity. You can pick from thousands of the latest movies, start watching instantly with no waiting and never again pay for expensive theater tickets or expensive satellite and cable movie bundles. To enjoy on line movies you need three things: (1) a movie streaming service, (2) a “smart” TV and (3) high speed internet.

netflix online movie streaming
 is the gold standard for internet movie streaming and the best starting point. Service is a flat $7.99 per month for all the movies you can watch, as fast as you can watch. And most important never an interruption from commercials – never.


hulu online movie streaming
Hulu Plus
 seems to have a few less movie choices but more of the popular TV shows – especially from ABC, NBC and Comedy Central. You may see a few commercials but acceptable if you are getting shows not available elsewhere. As a real plus, Hulu Plus sometimes gets the latest movies out first. Charges are also $7.99 per month.


Amazon Prime online movie streaming
Amazon Prime Instant Video
 is a little tricky as their service is “free” but only if you are a $72.00 per year Amazon Prime subscriber to their free merchandise shipping package. If a Prime customer, just click away for your favorite movie. If not, sign up for $72.00. But watch out, some movies have a rental charge and some movies have a purchase charge. An excellent service otherwise.


Most newer TVs are “smart TVs” which provide Cat6 internet cable connections or built in internet WiFi connections. If you have an older TV, you can add an inexpensive Blue-Ray player which have internet connections or add a popular Roku movie streaming adaptor available for $59.99 (we like their Roku Model 2XD which adds useful control functions). Either way, your TV will stream internet movies exactly the same as the most expensive new “smart TV”.

Most everyone has internet for their home or business but if you are just starting out you will want to contact your telephone or cable TV company to check internet availability. These internet providers can also complete the wiring connections to your TV. As a backup, call Interstar Home Theater for assistance 1-800-833-8080 and we will advise on the best equipment and connection choices for your on-line movie streaming. Interstar Home Theater provides TV and cable installation services for homes and businesses.