how to select home theater ceiling speakersAre you ready to select home theater ceiling speakers?

What to Look For…

A cus­tom Home The­ater sys­tem installed with all wiring “hid­den” will have speak­ers flush mounted in the ceil­ing or walls. After the audio receiver – ampli­fier, the speak­ers are the most impor­tant and most dif­fi­cult to select. Here are the key impor­tant items to con­sider for your speaker selection:

  • Speaker Size — The 6.5-inch round speaker (about the size of a ceil­ing down-light) is the most typ­i­cal size for home appli­ca­tion. Go to the next size 8-inch only for very large Grand Rooms. The 6.5 or 8-inches refers to the woofer cone size, over­all size is slightly more.
  • Speaker Shape — By con­ven­tion, speak­ers in the ceil­ing are in round hous­ings; speak­ers in the wall are in rec­tan­gu­lar hous­ing with the same speaker parts. Wall place­ment is selected when the ceil­ing is very high or cantilevered.
  • Speaker Parts — The typ­i­cal speaker will have a larger woofer cone and smaller .75” – 1.0” Tweeter cone cov­ered by a white, paintable mesh grill. The tweeter is in the cen­ter in a round speaker and on the side in a rec­tan­gu­lar speaker.
  • Speaker Power — Look for power han­dling of about 100-watts, around the same per chan­nel power of your audio receiver. The speaker power can be less than the receiver as you never turn the vol­ume full-blast. A 75-watt speaker will cost less than 100-watts so choose accordingly.
  • Speaker Cone Mate­r­ial — Speak­ers are adver­tized and touted in many exotic, space age mate­ri­als but the mate­r­ial makes lit­tle dif­fer­ence; it is the fre­quency response for a given price that counts most. How­ever, do avoid paper cones which can be degraded by damp­ness in the air.
  • Speaker Response — This cuts the good speaker from the not so good speaker and is the sin­gle most impor­tant fac­tor in a pre­mium Home The­ater sys­tem. In a nut shell, look for a fre­quency response of at least 45Hz – 20kHz, noth­ing less. With a sub-woofer for the really low tones this speaker works find. For a bet­ter speaker, go to a 32Hz – 22kHz per­for­mance and you may not need a sub-woofer. There are sev­eral speak­ers in this cat­e­gory, about $99.95 each, in a 6.5-inch size with 125-watts power handling.

Flush mount hidden wiring ceiling speakers for a home theater

Our favorite 6.5-inch ceil­ing speaker  with the higher per­for­mance is the AudioStar Model RS-C68 by Inter­star and man­u­fac­tured by one of the nation’s most pre­mier speaker brands (not revealed on their web­site). You will want to use this speaker’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions as your gold stan­dard when search­ing for speak­ers. There are dozens of major speaker man­u­fac­tur­ers offer­ing 100’s of sim­i­lar speak­ers so it may be a tough search.