How to buy a TV Ceiling ProjectorWith large 70-inch flat screen TV prices now under $1500.00, you may find the TV option best up to this size but for larger screen sizes the TV Ceiling Projector remains supreme.

Here’s what to look for in a home or office pro­jec­tor and view­ing screen sizes up to 30-inches diagonally:

1.  Pro­jec­tor Specs:  Pro­jec­tor must have 1080p res­o­lu­tion High Def­i­n­i­tion (HD), project the latest 16 x 9 wide screen for­mat and have HDMI inputs just like the new flat screen TVs. Also, look for a VGA (PC) input if you wish to con­nect your computer.

2.  Bright­ness:  Dull, dim screens from an under pow­ered pro­jec­tor is the num­ber one mis­take. Look for at least 2500-lumen bright­ness; a lit­tle more for larger screens so day­time view­ing or a brightly lit con­fer­ence room won’t spoil your enjoyment.

3.  Speak­ers:  Bet­ter pro­jec­tors will have one or two small speak­ers built-in for sound – ade­quate but usu­ally not as strong as found in a new TV. Con­sider a sep­a­rate audio – speaker sys­tem or con­nect­ing to your Home The­ater for best sound enjoyment.

4.  Screen:  Must also be in the 16 x 9 wide HD for­mat and may be a man­ual roll-up or elec­tri­cally oper­ated with remote con­trol. Smaller rooms con­sider a 90” –115” screens and up to 130” for larger office train­ing and con­fer­ence rooms.

5.  Instal­la­tion:  A lit­tle more involved as the over­head pro­jec­tor must have media cables from your media com­po­nents to the ceil­ing pro­jec­tor and an elec­tri­cal out­let on the ceil­ing. Pro­jec­tor audio must be inte­grated with your sound sys­tem unless the built in speak­ers are used. Pro­jec­tors are now quite com­pact mea­sur­ing less than 11” x 8” so are very unob­tru­sive visu­ally on the ceil­ing. Make sure your pro­jec­tor retailer can also deliv­er, install and have every­thing is work­ing per­fectly. Avoid purchasing from a store that requires you to go elsewhere for installation.

6.  Brands: Our most pop­u­lar pro­jec­tors are from Optoma with most favorite model for an aver­age size room their TH1060 with extra bright 4500-lumens. Priced at about $1600.00. Our most pop­u­lar man­ual pull-down screen is the Elite Model M106 with 106-inch screen and slow return roll-up. Priced at about $300.00.

Pro­jec­tors offer the excite­ment of the movie big-screen and will be a com­ple­ment to any well designed Home The­ater lay­out. For the office, the roll up screen is a must when shared with a white­board or pre­sen­ta­tion posters on the same wall. The ver­sa­til­ity of pro­jec­tors is endless.

For more ideas on pro­jec­tors and instal­la­tion con­sid­er­a­tions Con­tact Us. We have exten­sive expe­ri­ence in cost effec­tive pro­jec­tor sys­tems for homes and businesses.