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Home Theater Installation

Interstar has designed and installed hundreds of Home Theater Packages and from this experience have selected 6-specific Home Theater Packages. A Home Theater system is more important than ever to enjoy the full audio effects of your favorite move or music artist. You can have the same sound effects at home to rival your local movie theater. New lower cost audio-video components make affordability possible as never before.

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TV Installation

Even with the newest flat screen TVs and digital signage, the overhead projector remains the best and least cost solution available for big screen viewing for large venues or theater-like home viewing enjoyment. Perfect for the business conference or training room when you need to quickly roll down the viewing screen over a white board and presentation displays. The applications are endless and you are able to pick the exact size of screen needed.

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Speaker Installation

The most important start of any Home Theater surround sound system is the selection and placement of the speakers. Components may be easily up-graded or changed over time but the speakers are a permanent addition to your home and will provide many years of enjoyment while adding a valuable amenity. The speaker selection and installation is permanent and must be right the first time.

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