If you watched the recent Inaugural Day Ceremonies in High Definition …..
High Definition TV

The spec­tac­u­lar cov­er­age of our new President’s elec­tion Novem­ber 6th to the Inau­gural Day cer­e­monies in Wash­ing­ton DC Jan­u­ary 21st will be avail­able in life-like, vivid High Def­i­n­i­tion HD detail and like-you-are-there multi-channel sur­round sound from NBC, ABC,CBS, PBS and DIRECTV. You will hear the crowd cheer from the right, erupt in applause from the left, the Pres­i­dent speak from the cen­ter with the roar of mil­i­tary jets pass­ing over­head just like you are there with the Pres­i­dent. You just need the right TV and Home The­ater sound system.

But first, here are the col­or­ful inau­gural events which must be seen on wide screen HD TVs and heard with Home The­ater sur­round sound speak­ers to insure the ulti­mate enjoyment:

• Payer ser­vice at the mag­nif­i­cent National Cathe­dral
• Swearing-in on the Cap­i­tal steps
• US Marine Band per­form­ing Ruf­fles & Flour­ishes and Hail Colum­bia
• Inau­gural address by the new Pres­i­dent
• Spec­tac­u­lar parade down Penn­syl­va­nia Av to the White House

Since the last inau­gural cer­e­monies in 2009, High Def­i­n­i­tion TVs have plum­meted in price with the typ­i­cal 42-inch HD TV now under $450.00 and larger 60-inch HD TVs under $700.00. These new TVs become the focal point of your media room and are often mounted over-the-fireplace with all wiring “hid­den” (essen­tial). When select­ing a new HDTV, look for the very nar­row ¼” or less sur­round bezel so the TV looks like an unframed pic­ture on the wall; the newest LED type dis­plays allow very skinny TVs only 2 – 3-inches thick. Not the old 200-pound ugly box in the corner.

Also since the last elec­tion, the cable and satel­lite TV providers now broad­cast in muti-channel Dolby Dig­i­tal sur­round sound. That means films repro­duce movie-theater sound effects; sports events sound like you are on the 50-yard line. But many do not know about this hid­den fea­ture from the TV providers and have not expe­ri­enced hav­ing the same sound in their Liv­ing Room as you would hear at a live performance.

To take advan­tage of the “free” upgraded sound pro­vided with your TV, you will want to con­sider one of 3-speaker sys­tems (our exam­ples are with hid­den speak­ers, ampli­fier — receiver and no exposed wiring):

• Dig­i­tal sound bar placed under your TV which elec­tron­i­cally sim­u­lates sound com­ing from behind, left and right. The least expen­sive solu­tion start­ing from about $425.00 deliv­ered and installed.
• Three speaker sys­tems with speak­ers placed flush in the wall left, right and over / under the TV (speaker grills can e painted same color as the wall). Pro­vides excel­lent front and side sound and is a good solu­tion where run­ning wires to the back of the room is restricted. Expect to pay $950.00 for a high qual­ity 3-speaker sys­tem installed with all wiring “hid­den”.
• The ulti­mate sound sys­tem will have 5-surround sound speak­ers usu­ally flush in the ceil­ing cen­tered over the TV, left and right front and cor­re­spond­ing rear of the room left and right. The place­ment will allow sound from all direc­tions and will repro­duce the multi-channels form your TV provider. A pre­mium qual­ity sys­tem with the best com­po­nents will cost under $2000.00 deliv­ered and installed.

Qual­ity of HD and sur­round sound varies. The cable com­pa­nies usu­ally have slightly lower qual­ity pic­ture (1080i pro­to­col) vs. satel­lite providers like Dish and DIRECTV (1080p pro­to­col). We like DIRECTV which has the most DT chan­nels, the clear­est 1080p pic­ture like a Blu-Ray disc player and has the most HD chan­nels by a large mar­gin but pro­gram­ming costs are a lit­tle more than cable.

Cost a con­sid­er­a­tion? Get the new “free” dig­i­tal off air chan­nels man­dated by the Gov­ern­ment which did not exist last pres­i­den­tial inau­gu­ra­tion. You receive over hun­dred free super-clear dig­i­tal and HD chan­nels (bet­ter 1080p pro­to­col) and never pay a penny for watch­ing TV. For this undis­cov­ered Gov­ern­ment ben­e­fit, you can get a small unob­tru­sive 16-inch square flat out­side antenna installed for about $375.00. The great­est enjoy­ment with dig­i­tal TV while know­ing you will never again pay those high cable bills.

For this writer, I will enjoy being with our new Pres­i­dent every step of the way while relax­ing in front of my new 60’ Sam­sung over-the-fireplace TV and Yamaha pow­ered 5– speaker Home The­ater sur­round sound system.