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Component Rack controlled by Remote Universal Remote Controls are readily available with many prices and features so differences are more difficult to determine between manufactures; however, our choice remains with the URC brand (Universal Remote Controls, Inc.). The criteria for our universal remote is PC based programming, Radio Frequency (RF) and Infra-Red (IR) signal transmission for “hidden” components, macros for true 1-button component operation and hard-button selection controls. Our two candidates differ in personal preference – simple text based display (Blu-ray is “Blu-ray”) or color icon display (Blu-ray is a colorful icon).

We like the URC brand (formerly named Universal) which is one of the most widely adopted remotes with the most extensive model line-ups available. Our selection from URC’s models includes only remotes with Radio Frequency (RF) signals to operate components “hidden” behind cabinet doors and can be programmed from a PC data base with macros to allow true one-button touch operation for any event; i.e., touch TV and the TV turns on, the audio receiver starts up, the cable or satellite box starts and the correct inputs are selected – all in a millisecond. Just lean back and enjoy.

All models show MSRP pricing which is discounted when included with our Home Theater packages. Programming remote controls with macros – which takes a considerable amount of time regardless of what the advertisements indicate – is available for $225.00 and includes all components in your system.

Universal remote systems have 2-components, (1) the handheld remote and (2) a receiving base station connected to tiny “emitter” nodes placed over each components IR (Infra-red) pickup eye (hard to see but all components with remote controls will have a pickup eye somewhere on the front panel). The base station can receive the remotes signal by line-of-sight IR or by RF (radio frequency) – great for components hidden be behind closed doors of if do not like to aim your remote toward the components.

URC Remote Base Station Model MRF260
$149.95 MSRP

Remote base station for taking the command signals from your remote. IR receiving station is for line-of-sight IR signals and works up to 100-feet distance.

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URC Remote Base Station Model MRF350
$249.95 MSRP

This advanced receiving station operates by IR or RF signal form the remote up to 100-foot distance and includes an extender unit with antenna.

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URC Model MX850
$399.99 MSRP

Classic remote and favorite with the installation technicians, easy to hold traditional shape with full 10-selections displayed simultaneously for easy component selection without scrolling. Has all the internal features of the latest remotes.

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URC Model MX810
$399.95 MSRP

This stylish universal remote control has colorful icons beside the selection buttons and is our least expensive selection meeting the criteria for having PC data base programming and one-button macros.

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URC Model MX900 Text Display Remote

The MX900 is highly advanced inside but features an easy-to-understand text display and no table cluttering recharging station AAA battery operation. Our favorite of the RSC remotes.

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URC Model MX880 Icon Display Remote

The MX880 is packed with advance features and has an eye caching 2-inch color display with pictured labeled icons, motion activated display lighting and rechargeable lithium battery. This is the perfect remote when you “want it all”.

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URC Model MX980

The 2.4” 240 x 320 pixel screen provides an incredibly detailed 160 pixel per inch view. Capable of 262,144 colors, the screen labels eight hard buttons with icons and sharply readable text. MX-980 provides thousands of icons in galleries for every purpose, from selecting activities to favorite Satellite Radio stations. 

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MX3000 Table Remote
$999.95 MSRP

Large color touch screen makes this the easiest to see and operate and is perfect to leave on the coffee table or media lounge side arm. Represents the top-of-the line in universal remotes in an eye-catching design

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RedEye Remote Control for iPhone & iPad

The RedEye Universal Remote Control by ThinkFlood allows you to operate any media components conveniently from your iPhone, iPad or Android device and represents one of the first inexpensive options to break away from the traditional universal remote control.

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RedEye Pro URC

RedEye is one of several universal remote additions for iPhone and other iDevices and we should find more products in this category appearing; however, we believe the dedicated universal remote for the home will remain the remote of choice in the near term.

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