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Get Free Over-The-Air Digital TV for life!

The public received one of the greatest gifts ever with the Federal Communications Commission’s requirement that all local TV broadcasters transmit their TV signal in crystal clear digital format, free of any cost to the consumer!  TV Digital Off Air Antennas  since the June 2009 conversion you now receive many more TV channels, including super clear HD with multi-channel sound as you hear in movie theaters. We can install your TV Digital Off Air Antennas and have you connected to free Digital TV for life! Next Day installation is usually available in most areas.

See Which Free Digital TV Channels You Will Receive


Over 100 Free Digital Channels in Los Angeles
37 in Orange County
21 in San Francisco

You receive far more channels than before in your local area with more channels being continually added. Los Angeles residents receive the primary local channels as well as the channels below.

Other Popular Channels:


Digital TV Antenna's and Installation Required to Receive Free Digital TV

To get free digital TV, you will need to have us install a small, inexpensive outdoor digital TV antenna. Our favorite is the Wineguard “Square Shooter” outside antenna in a compact 16″ x 16″ size which can easily be placed on a balcony or side of your home and connected to the existing structure’s TV wiring.


Expect to pay about $169.99 for the antenna and $325.00 and up for installation and integration to your TVs. Just give us a call; we will make all arrangements for immediate installation.

Watch Unlimited, New Release Movies for Only $8.99 a Month

The primary limitation we hear with free digital TV is the lack or first run movies and television series’ like you find on HBO, SHOWTIME or STARZ, but this is easily solved by subscribing to Netflix which allows you to download unlimited, first run movies and TV shows for a flat rate of around $8 monthly. Apple TV is another popular source for movies. Other than this movie cost, everything is free.


Interstar has hooked up thousands of digital TV, Netflix, and Apple TV systems and can make all arrangements for your installation. Just call us at 1-800-833-8080.

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