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In-Ceiling Speaker Flush Mount Installation, Home Theater Ceiling SpeakersThe most important start of any Home Theater surround sound system is the selection and placement of the speakers. Components may be easily up-graded or changed over time but the speakers are a permanent addition to your home and will provide many years of enjoyment while adding a valuable amenity. The speaker selection and installation is permanent and must be right the first time.

Our AudioStar speakers are from a major domestic manufacturer and offer extremely high specifications at very competitive pricing. Our selections are speaker types which can be flush mounted in the ceiling (round speakers) or wall (rectangular speakers) so wiring can be “hidden”. The ceiling speaker is most popular as everything is out-of-site other than the sound.

There are many speaker manufacturers offering 100’s of speaker models making it difficult to select what speaker is better than the other and providing an almost impossible task of analyzing what is best of the group. For the most popular 6.5-inch flush mounted ceiling speaker and comparing by best frequency response and watts of handling capacity, you will find our private label AudioStar speakers top performers.

Speaker Types:

In-Walll Speaker Installation Mounting Graphic

In Wall Rectangular Speakers around TV

Our least expensive speaker installation, rectangular speakers will be flush mounted left, right and over / under the TV with all wires hidden inside the wall. This design is an excellent choice when room layout restricts rear speaker installation or requires more extensive ceiling cuts to route speaker wiring.

This set up could also include 2-wall speakers in the rear; however, with 5-speakers the all ceiling option is the more popular choice. Note: our round and rectangular speakers both have the same woofer and tweeter but laid out in round and rectangular format. Most all home speakers are 6.5” size (refers to the size of woofer) with 8-inch size only for very large Grand Rooms and Home Theaters

Ceiling Speaker Installation Mounting Graphic

In-ceiling Round Speakers

The round in-ceiling speaker is the Home Theater “standard” you see in the new model homes. In-ceiling flush mounted speakers with all wiring hidden remain. Most Home Theater rooms will have 3-front speakers with the center speaker over the TV and 2-rear speakers (5.1 systems, where the .1 refers to the optional subwoofer). Very advanced systems will add 2-more mid room speakers (7.1 systems); however, 7.1 sound tracks are limited and the 5-speaker system is 90 per cent of our installations.

AudioStar RS-C64 Round Speaker
$99.99 each

Our most popular Home Theater speakers are installed flush mounted, in-ceiling with all wiring “hidden” and most popular model is our 6.5” polypropylene woofer round speaker with built-in 1-inch pivoting tweeter and featuring high 45Hz – 20kHz frequency response and 100-watt handling capacity. Manufactured by one of the nation’s top speaker companies for sale under our AudioStar label. Excellent value with industry standard features and performance.

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AudioStar RS-C68 Round Speaker
$129.99 each

These AudioStar RS-C68 speakers have phenomenal performance and we believe there is no finer 6.5-inch / 1-inch tweeter ceiling speaker anywhere for the size. Frequency response of 32Hz – 22kHz provides not only the highest highs but the bass tones of a dedicated subwoofer. Handling capacity of 125-watts is greater than most audio receiver – amps so you can turn-it-up with these speakers without fear. Our long-time favorite.

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AudioStar RS-C88 Round Speaker
$169.99 each

These AudioStar RS-C88 an up-sized 8″ ceiling speaker with advanced specs for very large rooms and highest frequency response performance. Offer amazing performance!

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AudioStar RS-W64 Rectangular Speaker
$114.99 each

Select these up-graded 6.5″ rectangular speakers for greater frequency response. These speakers are clearly a great choice for the advanced receivers and when wall speakers are preferred over round ceiling speakers.

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Indoor or Outdoor Model RS-OD42
$79.99 package

Small size weather proof outdoor speakers for smaller patios and balconies or when sound needs to be kept low.

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Indoor or Outdoor Model RS-OD52
$89.99 package

Medium size weather proof outdoor speakers for back yards and larger patios. Black or White. Shown with the included mounting bracket. Excellent value and our most asked for model. The right size for most home settings.

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Indoor or Outdoor Model RS-OD68
$99.95 package

Large size weather proof outdoor speakers for very large backyards and pool areas. Shown with the included mounting bracket. Excellent when higher volume is needed.

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Rock Speaker Model RS-R68

Attractive authentic looking rock in canyon slate and white granite. An excellent addition to your yard or garden. Available in a smaller 5.25” woofer size for walkways and small areas.

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