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Benefits of a Home Security Camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system.

With the dazzling array of security camera systems available for your home or small business, it becomes quite difficult to determine what an ideal system should be and at what price point.
We have taken our many years of installation to select the one best system to provide all of the most important features. Here is a list of features we find most important and our product recommendation that meet these requirements at the best possible cost:

  • Dome color camera with small 4 ¼” base
  • Night vision without red-light illuminators
  • Unlimited viewing range, variable focus lens
  • Paintable base to match wall color
  • High resolution picture for detail viewing


The most important part of Security Camera Systems is recording the areas being covered and since a 4-camera system is typical for many security systems a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) available for 4, 8 or 16-cameras – you do not want to pay for more camera capabilities than you need. Small system or large, you will still want all the advance features available in a premium security DVR and the features we feel important include:

  • Compact DVR box to allow placement “hidden” behind a wall TV
  • Ability to record only when motion is detected for a given camera
  • Networkable to allow viewing from any computer, iPhone or Android device
  • Text message alerts for system activity and status
  • Optional 2-way audio listening and announcing at camera location (great for the kid’s room)
  • Easy to operate system using included remote or personal smartphone.


Your security system may prove to be an indispensable item for your home or business. Just give us a call at 1-800-833-8080, we would be pleased to assist in the perfect system for your application with the lowest prices delivered, installed and fully programed for your use.

Speco CILT13 Dome Night Vision Security Camera

Speco D4CS Security Camera DVR