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Yamaha Digital Sound Projector and TV installed on wall

Yamaha remains the leader in digital sound bars (also called digital sound projectors) and is the industry standard for comparisons. Digital Sound Bars electronically replace multiple room speakers to electronically simulate a surround sound Home Theater system with 5 to 7 speakers. Conveniently mounts on the wall under your TV and is an excellent alternative to built-in speakers when wiring access to a back wall or ceiling is not practicable.Digital Sound Projector Illustration diagram, digital sound bar illustration diagram

The digital sound bars work by slight timing differences for each surround channels while bouncing the sound from room configuration. Works best in small to medium size rooms with parallel opposing walls.

These amazing devices can not completely replace built-in speakers but you may not notice any difference in sound quality from an expensive Home Theater system with multiple speakers. Pricing shown is MSRP but will be discounted when ordered with one of our TV installation packages.

Digital sound bars most be installed at the same time as installing your on-wall TV to insure all wiring is “hidden” inside the wall and behind the TV.  Let us know your room and TV size; we will provide product recommendation and package pricing to include the  digital sound bar. Call 1-800-833-8080. We are ready to assist.

Yamaha Model YAS-101
$299.95 MSRP

Sleek minimal form sound bar with built in sub woofer at an astonishingly low cost. Our favorite!

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Yamaha Model YSP-2200
$999.95 MSRP

Upgraded model offers more power for larger rooms and a dedicated sub-woofer for deeper lows. More connection features for Blu-Ray and gaming consoles.

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Yamaha Model YSP-3300
$1595.95 MSRP

Features a dedicated wireless slim-form sub-woofer and high performance speaker system producing full Dolby digital 7.1 surround sound. This one is top of the line.

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