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Residential Home Theater Installation

Residential Installations of Electronic Systems, Home Theater Installations

Home Theater Systems - Residential Installations

Our Home Theater packages include premium Yamaha components and high quality, wide-frequency range speakers for the best possible listening enjoyment. Each speaker and component package is designed to compliment your new LCD-LED TV for the best possible picture and sound experience at the lowest possible price.

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Wall & Fireplace TV Installation - Residential Installations

The TV is usually the focal point of your Living or Family Room displayed prominently over-the-fireplace or on-wall immediately in front of the seating area. Proper installation, placement, correct mounting bracket, “hidden wiring” and Internet connections for Netflix and Hulu movie streaming has become more important than ever.

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Speakers & Subwoofers - Residential Installations

The most important start of any Home Theater surround sound system is the selection and placement of the speakers. Components may be easily up-graded or changed over time but the speakers are a permanent addition to your home and will provide many years of enjoyment while adding a valuable amenity. The speaker selection and installation is permanent and must be right the first time.

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Digital Sound Bars - Residential Installations

The digital sound projector works by slight timing differences for each surround channels while “bouncing” the sound from room configuration. These amazing devices can not completely replace built-in speakers but you may not notice any difference in sound quality from an expensive Home Theater system with multiple speakers.

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iPad & Universal Remote Controls - Residential Installations

Our selection from URC’s models includes only remotes with Radio Frequency (RF) signals to operate components “hidden” behind cabinet doors and can be programmed from a PC data base with macros to allow true one-button touch operation for any event; i.e., touch TV and the TV turns on, the audio receiver starts up, the cable or satellite box starts and the correct inputs are selected – all in a millisecond. Just lean back and enjoy.

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TV Ceiling Projectors & Screens - Residential Installations

Even with the newest flat screen TVs and digital signage, the overhead projector remains the best and least cost solution available for big screen viewing for large venues or theater-like home viewing enjoyment. Perfect for the business conference or training room when you need to quickly roll down the viewing screen over a white board and presentation displays. The applications are endless and you are able to pick the exact size of screen needed.

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Free TV Digital & Off-Air Antennas - Residential Installations

We can install your Free Over-The-Air Digital Antenna and have you connected to free Digital TV for life! Next Day installation is usually available in most areas.

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Security Camera Systems - Residential Installations

With the dazzling array of security cameras systems available for your home or small business, it becomes quite difficult to determine what an ideal system should be and at what price point. We have taken our many years of installation to select the one best system to provide all of the most important features.

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