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Hospital grade Pillow Speakers & Clean Remotes address the growing concern within the healthcare community of the spread of hospital-acquired infection. Scientific studies have shown TV remotes are a leading carrier of dangerous bacteria such as MRSA,VRE and SARS Virus. Hospital grade remotes will be a simple inexpensive way to enhance a healthcare property’s overall image and the cleanliness of their guest rooms.

Healthcare Pillow Speakers and Clean Remote Controls

Our hospital grade remotes – pillow speaker or clean type – resist the spread of hospital-acquired infection with liquid-proof easy to clean surfaces. Our clean remote replaces the standard remote included with the TV and is an inexpensive way to enhance a healthcare property’s overall image and the cleanliness of waiting and guest rooms.

The Clean Remote Model CR100

This healthcare remote is designed to minimize transfer of bacteria as MRSA, VRE and SARS Virus and has a hidden battery cover to prevent misuse or loss of the battery. This healthcare remote is included at no cost with our healthcare medical and doctor office TV models.

Curbell Pillow Speaker Model Gen4

Compact remote control with built in speaker to insure privacy in multi-bed rooms. Large easy to locate buttons with sealed smooth designed for infection control. Crystal clear sound. Includes 8-foot cable and audio mini jack for personal ear plug. Options include longer cables and brushed stainless bedside connection wall plates for custom installations.

Hill-Rom Pillow Speaker Model 8410004
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Full featured pillow speaker remote to control the healthcare TVs and also support special Hill-Rom features found with their Nurse Call Systems. Each Remote is custom configured for the healthcare equipment being supported.