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Heritage Nurse Call System

There are many complex, costly Nurse Call Stations alert systems available but few can equal the simplicity and ease of use of our Nurse Call Stations system by Heritage. These systems feature a small wall connector plate with alert – reset nearby the patient area to plug-in your Curbell pillow speaker controller. At he nurse or attendant station a light notification panel is provided for visual and  / or audible notification of patient need.

Notification panels with reset lights are available for 10, 20 and 60+ patients with each alert light customized with the description of patient, doctor or staff location. Excellent choice for smaller facilities not supporting complex and more costly computer based notification systems. And installations costs are reduced considerable when wiring is routed at the same time of your TV and pillow speaker installations.

We believe our Nurse Call System by Heritage is the finest available anywhere and ideal for the smaller medical or residential care facility. Contact Us or call and ask one of our healthcare design technicians at 1-800-833-8080; we will package the exact system for your needs, at the lowest possible price.

Complete 25-patient systems start from $5,100, including installation. 
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