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» Music System Packages for Commercial and Business

Big conference room with a TV mounted on each wall
Music has become a must have item for most offices and businesses. You will find background music in your supermarket, drug store, retail establishment, waiting room and virtually every restaurant and lounge. Even offices, employee lounges and office hallways are getting music. You may have pounding up-beat music with bass subwoofers at an Abercrombie & Fish or soft background music at a Starbucks. Even outdoors, we find music at Golf Clubs, auto dealerships and retail parking lots. These music systems keep your customers comfortable, in the store and relaxed during the buying process. So what do we need to know.

Commercial music systems are referred to as 70-volt systems as the speakers are designed to connected in a series, one after another like Christmas tree lights to get to the irregular shapes in a business. Less expensive to install than home surround sound systems, special commercial mixer-amplifiers feature microphone connections for Public Address announcements and connection to ease integrating commercial free music sources from an iPhone, iPod, SiriusXM radio, Pandora or DIRECTV satellite. Speakers include flush mounted white ceiling speakers for tile ceilings and shoe box size enclosed speakers in white or black for open ceilings and outdoors.

To get started, we have put together music equipment  packages for different businesses which will give you an idea of what to expect. High quality, robust commercial music components from Atlas, Crowe, Saga, ChoiceSelect and Sure. Equipment prices are shown and, once learning your business layout, we will provide installation costs for a complete turn-key package including system design, equipment, delivery and installation.


Small Office Music Package – $499.95

Small Office Music Package from Interstar TV


Includes an Atlas MA40G Amp + 6-Atlas SD72W Speakers

Perfect for back ground music with 6-flush mounted round speakers for tile ceilings will cover up to 600 square feet of office or retail space with 8 to 12-foot ceilings. The 40-watt amplifier will handle up 16-speakers so is very expandable. Our best value and most popular system for tile ceiling.


 Retail Establishment Business Music Package – $849.95

Retail Business Music System Package

Includes an Atlas AA60 Amp + 6-Atlas AASM52 Enclosed Speakers

When an open beam ceiling exists and for outdoors, we include enclose box speakers which are attached to ceiling beams or high around side walls. The enclosed speakers require a little more power so a 60-watt amplifier is included. These speakers are weather proof, may be used in outdoor locations and offer the greatest flexibility in speaker location – light poles, side of building and outdoor patios. The 6-speakers, featuring a 5.5” woofer and .5” tweeter for excellent sound reproduction, cover up to 2400 square feet. Specify black or white finish for the speakers. Add $19.99 for a paging microphone  and $29.99 for wall volume controls to vary volume in different rooms.


Large Room Business Music Package – $1999.95

Large Room Business Music System Package

Includes an Atlas AA120 Amp, Nady U41 Wireless Mics and 6-AASM82 Enclosed Speakers

For large training, lecture and meeting rooms with high ceilings, we feature more powerful 8” speakers and a more powerful 120-watt amplifier. Includes is a wireless microphone system with 2-hand held and 2-lapel mics. This is a very powerful music quality system and will give great coverage for speaker, music or presentation videos with sound. Also, works well with an overhead video projector system [link for projector system]. The 6-speakers will cover about 2400 square feet or an oversized 30’ x 80’ room. Speakers available in white or black finish.

The selected music system packages represent a sample of many combinations available from Interstar. For more ideas on your speaker project, give us a call at 1-800-833-8080 or We will provide recommendation and tentative pricing over-the-phone and arrange for an on-site survey.