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Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Golf Course with Tables and Chairs, Commercial Sound Systems

Golf Course Music Paging & TV Systems which may require many speakers are referred to as 70-volt systems and allow speakers to be connected by a single speaker cable over long distances. These commercial systems can lower costs considerably over home type multi-channel systems and have excellent quality for background music and paging. Used widely in restaurants, offices, gyms and golf courses, Our amplifiers and speakers are selected as best values for commercial music and paging systems.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Sirius XM Radio OnyX Golf Course Installation Package
$1,195.00 Installed

Often a combination of flush mounted ceiling speakers inside and weather proof speaker enclosures outside can bring music to these important areas for the player. Every golf club will be different but here’s a music package for 2 speaker inside and 2 speakers outside.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Tee-Time PA System
$1,495.00 Installed

A clear public address system for announcements in just the areas needed is a must to keep players on a schedule to prevent delay build-ups. Here’s our recommendation for a high quality but inexpensive announcing speaker system with push-to-talk desk microphone.

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Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Atlas MA40G / 60G Commercial Mixer Amplifier
$284.99 40-watt / $364.99 60-watt

These robust, continuous duty 70-volt work horses are widely used commercially and include a mixer interface to accept an iPod, DVD, microphone or other media component. The 40- watt model can accommodate up to 48-ceiling speakers or 5-outdoor box speakers. As a guide, speakers should be spaced horizontally at twice the distance of an overhead speaker; i.e., a ceiling speaker in an 8-foot ceiling would be placed every 16-feet.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Atlas Model SD72W Ceiling Speaker
$29.99 each

The Atlas SD72W is an industry standard and can be found in restaurants, offices, fitness centers, medical facilities and inside locations with standard ceiling heights. Excellent background music quality with a dual cone woofer, this unit has a white flush ceiling grill cover.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Choice Select Model 6018T Indoor / Outdoor Speaker
$99.99 each

Choice Select is not a widely recognized brand but have high quality, cost competitive indoor / outdoor speakers with 5.25-inch (shown), 6.5-inch and 8-inch speaker cones. Weather proof enclosure in black or white powder-coat finishes. A 60-watt mixer – amplifier would handle 10-speakers in the 5.25-inch size.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Atlas Model AP15T Outdoor Horn Speaker
$99.99 each

This model is found widely in paging systems and is recognized for quality and dependability in harsh outdoor environments. Gray finish. Very powerful with minimum power needed, a 40-watt amplifier would handle up to 16- horns.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Shure Model 450 Desk Microphone

Rugged push-to-talk microphone excellent for paging in any environment – golf course, fitness center, hospital, restaurant or emergency announcement backup for an office music system. Our mixer – amplifiers above all have direct plug-ins for this microphone. Minimum cost upgrade for any music system.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Cerwin-Vega INTENSE Series Loudspeaker
$399.99 each

Our favorite when you really need to turn-it-up. These powerful 15” monsters are perfect for the disco club, dance floor or fitness center spinning room. Combine with our DJ mixer – deck equipment, iPod or CD player – we’ll design the perfect system for your application with the Cerwin-Vega’s, Great value too.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - PylePro, Model DWM4300 Wireless Microphone Set

This wireless microphone set includes 2-handheld and 2- lavaliere over-the-head microphone to cover every need. Work up to 175-feet from base station and is attractively priced. Just right for the lecture hall, banquet room, dance studio or disco announcer.

Golf Course Music Paging and TV Systems - Samsung 60-inch Model 60F6350 LED Smart TV
$1,599.99 delivered

Prices on the newest LED TVs fluctuate daily but here is a great value on the latest Samsung 60-inch HD LED Smart TV with narrow surround bezel. Price includes delivery when included with one of our installation packages and is one of the best values we have offered from the top TV name. Also available for hospitals and healthcare facilities with a Curbell pillow speaker patient interface. Subject to manufacturer’s offer.

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