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» TV Program Sources and Installations

With your new multi-channel Home Theater system super clear HD flat screen TV, it is more important than ever to select only high quality HD TV TV Program Sources and Installations and you have more choices than ever to get the best. Pick form your local cable company, 2-satellite companies, new digital of-air and now, on-line streaming of the latest movies and entertainment. When we install your Home Theater or on-the-wall TV we will also advise you on programming choices, hookups needed and make sure you have the right media components to receive the programming of your choice.

First, let’s review the main programming sources we recommend in most areas:

Local Cable Company

Each metropolitan area in the country has a local cable TV company and was the first move away from the large roof-top antenna arrays of the 50’s. The cable company offers the most watched TV programs but has technical limitations of how many channels one-cable will bring to your home. Picture resolution is not quite as great as the 1080p resolute picture from other sources but cable is already in most homes, generally has no time commitment contracts and is the know standard for TV everywhere.  If you don’t like dishes, don’t like antennas on the roof and you don’t have high-speed Internet, cable is for you.

DIRECTV Satellite

DIRECTV offers more channels, more super clear 1080p HD channels and more sports channels than any other source. Much of their movie and entertainment audio is in Dolby Digital 5.1 so your Home Theater system will shine – just like sitting in your favorite movie theater. DIRECTV packages are pricey and often require a 24-month commitments with heavy termination charges for dropping out early. You have a larger 22” oval dish outside but all equipment and installation is “free”; however, watch for the extra fees for advance equipment upgrades and check the programming pricing after the promotional pricing expires. We like DIRECTV’s HD receiver box the best which is small and can be “hidden” behind the TV on-the-wall. The advance Genie recording equipment – also advertised as “free” – can add additional monthly fees, has a bulky receiver box and limits the number of TVs you can hook-up. A lot of pluses and minuses but DIRECTV remains our favorite.

Dish Network Satellite

Dish is not as broadly installed as DIRECTV but offers much of the same programming and is priced about the same. Dish does not has the popular NFL Sunday Ticket but does have many non-English language channels not available on DIRECTV. For most programming packages Dish is equal to DIRECTV.

Digital HD Off-Air Antenna

Although digital off-air reception was mandated nationwide, few realize you can get 50, 100 and more crystal clear 1080p HD channels in most metropolitan areas completely “free”, forever. You just need a small 16-inch square receiving panel outside which looks like a satellite dish but is smaller and square. We like the Winegard SquareShooter model (about $150.00 with powered amplifier) which gets programming from local TV digital stations up to 75-miles away. Digital off-air reception does not get you HBO, Showtime and Cinemax but does get the most wanted NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS networks along with local programming – most in HD format and resolution. This is exactly what you need when streaming on-line movie programming which generally does not has the networks and local programming. Digital off-air and on-line streaming are a great combination.

Netflix On-Line Streaming

The most popular by number of subscribers, Netflix has over 18,000-movie and TV episodes choices for instant watching without commercials or long term contracts and subscription packages starting from $7.99 per month. Often criticized for not having all the latest releases right away, Netflix is getting more releases everyday and now has original programming not available anywhere else. We think Netflix is the best overall.


Note, to process TV on-line streaming over your Internet connection you will need a “smart” TV (most new TVs), a Home Theater with Internet receiver – amplifier or Blu-ray player with Internet. We can also provide inexpensive connection modules if you have older equipment without Internet.

Hulu Plus On-Line Streaming

Hulu Plus, owned by several of the movie and TV studios, features more current hit TV shows, often gets movie releases sooner than Netflix but does not have the larger movie library.  Also $7.99 / per month without termination fees, Hulu Plus is up for sale so we expect a lot of changes – for the better – around the corner. Hulu is a question and we suggest you try both Hulu and Netflix to find your favorite.

TV Programming for Businesses & Retail Establishments

Other considerations are important for business. For a sports bar, DIRECTV is essential along with digital off-air for local sports. For a multi-story building pre-wired for cable TV, this will be the least expensive programming service. To add cable to many large commercial buildings the cost of getting the cable from the street through side walk and property owner access can be prohibitive so consider satellite TV with one small roof top dish and cabling down to your location. Satellite service is relatively inexpensive.  For pickup counters, take out windows and building lobbies you will want quick-to-watch inexpensive programming from basic cable or “free” off-air digital.


Offices with financial and securities trading will need CNBC so satellite or cable only. For executive offices and senior managers, DIRECTV is the choice which can be controlled to provide just news, financial and weather channels or with entertainment and sports. Employee lounges and lunch rooms will want local news and weather channels (a must to show concern for employee safety driving home).


A retirement home may need “free” TV for their residents with fixed incomes so a “free” digital off-air system with distribution amplifiers could bring “Free” TV to hundreds of rooms. For large institutions, hotels and correctional facilities will have programming available at reduced rates form the cable and satellite companies and we can assist in setting you the best TV programming for your requirement. Just give us a call at 1-800-833-8080 or Contact Us. We look forward to your call.

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