Electrical & “HIdden” Wiring Package – $85.00

Wire Visible vs. Wire hidden


Product Description –


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Primary concern by our customers is having their TV like a “picture-on-the-wall” without any wires seen anywhere. Our popular $85.00 wiring option ($105.00 over-the-fireplace) insures you will not see anything but the TV and includes the following:

  • Route all media cables inside wall from media components to TV, up to 12’
  • Dress with included wall cable access plates in white
  • Provide electrical connections “hidden” behind TV
  • Includes all cabling and fittings, other than optional HDMI cables


On completion of your TV installation, everything will work perfectly with all wires including electrical wiring hidden and won’t have to call another company to finish the installation. Our associates will be happy to assist with your installation. Contact us at 1-800-833-8080 or use the request form to schedule; we have next business day TV installations in most of our service areas.


Slim TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount – Slim

Our most popular wall bracket holds the TV close to the wall for a picture-on-the-wall look. The mount is especially helpful if you have a doorway or passage on either side of the TV so you do not see all the wires behind the TV. Our bracket is provided in 4 sizes with 2 vertical support lengths to insure a perfect fit for your TV model


TV Wall Mount - Tilting

TV Wall Mount – Tilting

The tilting mount allows the TV to angle down approximately 15 degrees and is more often found in commercial applications, restaurants, bars, and airports where very high TV placement is required. For the home, this mount might be used for a very high fireplace mantel where placement in excess of 6 feet and seating is close-by.


Popular Additions –

Articulating TV Wall Mount

Articulating TV Wall Mount

  • $69.99 Small TV   (under 32”)
  • $109.99 Medium – Large TV

The articulating, swing about mount is especially popular for smaller TVs in Kitchen and Master Bath. For larger TV the articulating arm, about 22 inches on any model, will limit full right angle rotation ( A 22” arm would allow a 44” TV to swing 45 degrees, less with a larger TV). This type bracket is also used mounting a TV in a room corner where a fixed angle is needed. Give us a call on this one; we have other options when viewing areas are from multiple directions.


High Speed HDMI Cable

$39.99 High Speed 1.4a HDMI Cable, 15 foot length

Many providers still sell the old Standard Speed HDMI cables but newer Blu-ray players, all 3D players, and newer media components require High Speed HDMI cables. Our HDMI High Speed video-audio cables are 1.4a certified with a blazing 10.2 Gbps speed vs. the older standard 1.3b, 4.93 Gbps speed – a big difference. If you are concealing media cables inside the wall make sure you specify High Speed – it’s expensive to take down the TV to upgrade later.