DOLBY Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with Netflix Movie Streaming

One of the great features with Netflix on-line movie streaming is premium Movie Theater Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound processing – a must have to fully enjoy your favorite movies. Not only see the train tearing across your screen but hear the train roaring across your living room just as if you were standing next to the tracks.  Look for the “5.1” notation next the Netflix movie title for your next movie.

Just as you need a High Definition (HD) TV to receive a super clear HD picture, you need a multiple speaker Home Theater system to receive the Dolby Digital sound. There are two basic types of Home Theater sound systems, from under $300 for the all-in-a-box to over $2,000 with speakers “hidden” in-the-ceiling:

All In a Box systems start from under $300.00 and include an AM / FM receiver – amplifier and 5-small hand sized speaker boxes – front right, center, left and rear right, left (Dolby 5.0). As the small speakers lack low tones, these systems will include a sub-woofer speaker box to compensate (Dolby 5.1). The speaker boxes are placed on your media credenza or wall hung with included color coordinated speaker wiring draped best as possible for appearance. But regardless of appearance you get full surround sound for movie listening enjoyment.

Custom Home Theater systems feature the same 5-speakers but with custom installation flush in the ceiling. Inconspicuous as a ceiling down light, these speakers have larger cones for better base so you can skip the sub-woofer box. And most important all wiring is “hidden” inside the walls and ceiling so you enjoy the powerful Dolby Digital surround sound with all with all components out-of-sight.

An investment in a Home Theater surround sound system is as important as your investment in your High Definition (HD) TV.  Without surround sound you will miss one of the best parts of movie watching; that is, to hear the full sound effects of the movies most exciting action scenes.  For surround sound equipment ideas, see the premium Yamaha powered custom surround sound Home theater systems featured by Interstar Home Theater. A well equipped Yamaha system will start from $1999.98 including equipment, delivery and custom installation with all wiring “hidden.” These systems will get you quickly on the way to fully enjoying your on-line movie streaming.