Since recommending only two months ago to “hold off for now” buying any new equipment, everything has changed.
Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. have both announced Blu-Ray discs with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos sound tracts will be released “soon”. Vudu, Wal-Mart’s, media service, will have Dolby Digital streaming and Blu-Ray discs before year end. Finally, Paramount released their first DA sound track on September 30th – Transformers: Age of Extinction.
If you are buying new Home Theater equipment – audio receiver or speakers – we now recommend going Dolby Atmos ready equipment.

• Moves from 5.1 channels to 3-D sound objects
• Requires surround speakers + ceiling speakers
• Phenomenal sound for movies and Blu-Ray
• Almost here and coming soon; what to expect…

Dolby Atmos
We all know our Home Theater system with 5.1 surround sound (5-speakers + sub woofer) which became popular in the 1990’s and has been the mainstay of the finest Home Theater sound systems since. Now, this has all changed.
The new Dolby Atmos innovation drops the old left, right, center and surround speaker channels for object based sound; that is, 3-D sound which floats from a specific location in your room. You hear bombs busting overhead, trains roaring in from the side and earthquakes under the carpet. Really different.

Dolby Atmos
You will need a Dolby Atmos enabled receiver available from Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo. You will also need speakers around the room and in the ceiling for the 3-D effect. You do not need speaker boxes that take up floor space and clutter a room, just standard built-in, flush speakers – front left, right and center, rear left and right at ear level height and 2-overhead ceiling (remember, built-in wall speakers have rectangular grills, ceiling speakers round grills and both have the same speakers and tweeters inside). This is our recommended set-up and keeps the room neat and uncluttered.
Many new movies are being produced in Dolby Atmos and as released on Blu-ray discs will be ready to play at home – fortunately, your Blu-ray needs no modifications. Yet to come, however, is Dolby Atmos steaming with your Netflix or Hulu movies, games or TV cable and satellite channels. But expected soon.

We recommend holding off on Dolby Atmos until equipment prices come down and more programming is available. But if you get Mercedes Benz’s new $130,000.00 S-Class 550 coupe with the Burmester sound system, Dolby Atmos is included at no extra charge.

For more information on Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos Home Theater installations in your home or business, see