The finger size Chrome TV stick has become very popular for streaming movies like NETFLIX and Utube to your television. Just plug the Chrome stick in any HDMI port on your TV, set up on your Android phone, iPhone or laptop and enjoy the show.

chrome tv stick

We like the simplicity of the Chrome stick which is self powered, can be taken anywhere and use with other TVs – friend’s house, conference room at work or on the road hotel TVs. The TV does not need Internet as this connection is from your phone or lap top. Great possibilities here as anything you can see on your phone or lap top can be shown on the TV – pictures, spread sheets, slide presentations and movies.

Other TV plug-ins to consider include Apple TV box ($99), Roku Streaming Stick ($49) and Amazon Fire TV ($39), may offer additional features and include remote controls. But we still like the portability of the Chrome TV stick and having everything included on your phone. Just hang on to the Chrome stick – it’s easy to misplace or forget when using in another TV.

You can order a Chrome stick on line from Amazon or stores like Best Buy. Chrome is a must have item for the traveler and offers great possibilities as a presentation tool at work or school. We think a very smart $35 purchase.

Author: Joseph Edwards –