Dolby Atmos
Since recommending only two months ago to “hold off for now” buying any new equipment, everything has changed.Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. have both announced Blu-Ray discs with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos sound tracts will be released “soon”. Vudu, Wal-Mart’s, media service, will ...
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TV Wall Display - Interstar TV Electronic Systems Installation
This office had wall mounted TVs, 6 of them, installed in record time for Tiger Logic's corporate offices by Interstar Electronic Systems.Check this fun QUICK installment video! and a bit slower ...Video Courtesy of TigerLogic, music by dj_nen. ...
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Installation of a Home Theater System
Adding a home theater system and finding the right Home Theater installer for speakers, TVs, projectors and audio video components can be challenging. You may need someone skilled in routing wires in the walls of your home, someone with the required insurance to install in your office or business or ...
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With large 70-inch flat screen TV prices now under $1500.00, you may find the TV option best up to this size but for larger screen sizes the TV Ceiling Projector remains supreme.Here’s what to look for in a home or office pro­jec­tor and view­ing screen sizes up to 30-inches diagonally:1. ...
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