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Sharp Ultra High Definition TV
Just months ago we were suggesting holding off on 4K Ultra-HD TVs  until more is known about this new product. Now everything has changed and we are suggesting you BUY,BUY,BUY your Ultra-HD as soon as possible. We can barely imagine the low prices being offered like a 55” Visio 4K for only $1,799 ...
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chrome tv stick
The finger size Chrome TV stick has become very popular for streaming movies like NETFLIX and Utube to your television. Just plug the Chrome stick in any HDMI port on your TV, set up on your Android phone, iPhone or laptop and enjoy the show.We like the simplicity of the Chrome stick which is self p ...
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2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited Dashboard
Best $32,000 Sound System You Can FindDolby Digital 5.1 with 12-Speakers400-Watt Amp with Sub-WooferSuper Quite Listening RoomHD & Sirius Radios, CD, MP3 WiFi and iPhone IntegrationNice But Why So Much? Details…You guessed right. This one ...
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Dolby Atmos
Since recommending only two months ago to “hold off for now” buying any new equipment, everything has changed.Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. have both announced Blu-Ray discs with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos sound tracts will be released “soon”. Vudu, Wal-Mart’s, media service, will ...
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