Just months ago we were suggesting holding off on 4K Ultra-HD TVs  until more is known about this new product. Now everything has changed and we are suggesting you BUY,BUY,BUY your Ultra-HD as soon as possible. We can barely imagine the low prices being offered like a 55” Visio 4K for only $1,799.99 or a big 65” JVC 4K for only $1,799.99 – both from Costco.

The Consumer Electronics Association has total Ultra-HD sales for 2014 up 517% with over 800,000 TVs sold and that’s real consumer acceptance. It took years for TV to migrate to color in the 60’s, more years to High Definition HD in the 90’s, a little faster to get to the LED flat screens in the 2000’s  but almost overnight to get Ultra-HD with 4-times the color and 4-times the clarity of regular HD. Oh, 3-D TVs? Just did not make it in the market as folks did not like the complicated eye glasses and limited field of vision.

 Programming is now here too with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dish Network and DIRECTV (soon) offering Ultra-HD programming.  The movie studios are churning out new movies and re-mastering recent movies in Ultra-HD so there is a lot to pick from. One research forecasting firm gave these remarks: “4K [Ultra-HD] is happing faster than any consumer product has ever happened in the pass”. That says it all for this product.