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Enjoy the rich surround sound from one of our affordable Home Theater Installation packages featuring premium Yamaha receivers and flush mounted ceiling speakers and have your new TV mounted on-the-wall or over-the-fireplace installed by our licensed technicians with all wiring “hidden”. Check our home security camera systems integrated with your iPhone to check what’s happing at home even when you are not. Need to wireless Internet or expand your in-home coverage, we provide WiFi, data, telephone and TV cabling to get you the connectivity you need. Want a low cost TV solution; see our digital antenna system to receive dozens of High Definition TV channels free of any monthly charge.
For our business customers, view our office and conference – training room TV mounting, ceiling projector TV systems and projector screens with full room speaker sound, video conferencing and wall mounted remote controls. Our retail and restaurant establishments will want to check our low cost, high quality commercial music and paging systems – even special applications for golf course music systems. We also have the latest digital signage solutions popular everywhere. Starting a new building or remodeling project, our structured wiring and cabling as an experienced licensed Contractor can get your project completed on time, on budget and provide a single source for the design, electronic equipment, cabling and final installation. Other services include Area of Refuge fire and safety call systems and large building commercial master satellite TV systems with one dish for many tenants.
Finally, our medical community friends will want to see our Hospital Healthcare TV and Doctor Office TV products with patient friendly Curbell Pillow Speakers for individual listening in multiple patient rooms. An array of medical devices are installed, including Nurse Call Stations, while meeting the strictest requirements for insurance, industry and HIPPA certifications.

Who We Are?

Founded in 1994, Interstar is a full service electronic systems design and installation company for all electronic components, cabling and wiring for your home and business. Interstar is a licensed General Contractor, Lic #873937, licensed Low Voltage Systems Contractor, Lic #873937 and licensed Electronics Service Dealer (BEAR), Lic #75392.

We are a licensed General Contractor and licensed for electronic component installations and service by the CA Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair.

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